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For almost 40 years, we at EIPA have been leading learning and development programmes in EU public affairs, and our expertise is built on a unique blend of the following:

  1. Specially designed learning activities, often including case studies and simulation games, which facilitate interaction and help you apply the acquired knowledge at a practical level.
  2. Our strong ties and network with the European Commission and other institutions, that help us to provide you with essential insights on the latest EU policy information.
  3. Active roles of Member States representatives in our Board of Governors that enable us to help you learn from the best practices and current trends from all over Europe.
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Structural funds EIPA PapersPublications
February 19, 2021

Recovery and Resilience Plans for the Next Generation EU: a unique opportunity that must be taken quickly, and carefully

To access crucial EU funds, Member States must submit their Recovery and Resilience Plans. This paper looks at the spending targets and requirements, as well as draft plans already presented.
border EU/UK entrance BriefingsPublications
December 10, 2020

Brexit and Aviation: Flying High or Crashing Out?

What is the current state of the Brexit negotiations in the field of air transport? Several key differences can be discerned, making a no-deal scenario likely.
person arrested with passport in pocket, extradition BriefingsPublications
November 23, 2020

The Perplexities of the Petruhhin Judgment

This briefing discusses the Petruhhin ruling, and why Advocate General Hogan invites the Court of Justice of the European Union to reconsider its ruling as practice shows the dicta being untenable.
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Latest blogs

April 15, 2021

Advancements in managing the selection and training of Spanish civil servants during COVID-19

This blog is a contribution by the Spanish National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) on their advancements in managing and adapting their activities to a digitised environment.
EU negotiations Blog
April 8, 2021

Dealing with the twists and turns of the EU negotiation process – Part 2 of 2

Refresh your knowledge on EU negotiations with part 2 of our blog on the dynamics and peculiarities you need to be aware of.
EU negotiations Blog
April 1, 2021

Dealing with the twists and turns of the EU negotiation process – Part 1 of 2

After linking international relations theories and negotiation practices in our previous blog post, in this edition, we are going down the rabbit hole to take a closer look at the peculiarities of EU negotiations.
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At EIPA, we believe that learning is more enhanced with an integrated approach. So in our courses, besides the insightful sessions from our experts, we also lay special emphasis on practical exercises, discussions, and exchange among the participants and experts.

We further stimulate the learning experience by providing a comfortable and social environment for you to freely engage with other participants, to further enrich your knowledge, and expand your network.

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We can also leverage our wide range of expertise to develop specific programmes that are perfectly customised to your exact needs. These could include but are not limited to, a distinctive range of courses, study visits, consultancies, and coaching, with specific topics, languages, locations, dates, or durations.

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