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Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Public Administration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already demonstrated its ability to affect public life and activity. As a response to rapid advancements in AI and the evolving needs of citizens, governments must adapt their own processes, functions and policies to harness the power of AI for good.

Public administrations have begun seeking opportunities to be innovative, efficient and citizen-driven through AI-supported systems. Such applications have expanded into the areas of public services, public procurement, HR management, health, and economic development, for example. However, without sufficient safeguards, the benefits of AI can be unevenly distributed – befitting some and harming many.

EIPA’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence

Governments today are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring trustworthy AI is appropriately regulated, implemented and monitored in the public and private sectors. This requires a diverse set of skills including familiarity with legal and regulatory frameworks, technical knowledge, operational awareness, and social and ethical considerations. Without these critical skills, public administrations risk implementing flawed AI systems, while missing opportunities to enhance public administration.

By engaging with our diverse network of officials and practitioners, EIPA is proud to convene professionals with shared objectives in AI adoption and implementation. By leveraging the insights of our community, we can provide targeted offerings designed to address the most pressing challenges for public officials and anticipate the future needs of public administrations in an era shaped by the proliferation of AI usage.

Our offer

Our goal is to strengthen public administrations’ capacity to optimise the power of AI by fostering AI literacy among public officials. EIPA is dedicated to providing services that support public officials in navigating a complex landscape of digital policy.

To promote trustworthy AI, it is critical that administrations prepare for the short, medium and long terms impacts of AI and digital regulation. Regardless of whether you are tasked with navigating the EU AI Act, procuring AI tools, using Generative AI in government, automating public services, or complying with EU digital policy, our interactive trainings are designed with practitioners in mind. Championing interdisciplinary perspectives, our courses combine theoretical, practical, and digital elements to prepare professionals with the critical knowledge needed to respond to the current and future impacts of AI on public life.

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