Effective public administration

Effective public administration

The quality of a country’s public administration is key to its economic performance and the well-being of its citizens. An effective and efficient public administration serves the needs of its citizens. It is essential that public authorities and their managers are able to adjust to changing circumstances, especially in times of crisis.

Ordinary citizens are becoming ever more concerned about the effectiveness of their government, on all administrative levels. At the same time, budgetary constraints on public administrations require human resource management (HRM) to make the most of scarce resources and promote learning and career opportunities, to build and maintain a quality workforce in the public sector.

Knowledge is becoming obsolete increasingly quickly. As a result, lifelong learning is a necessity to promote workability at every phase of life. Knowledge management and transfer is becoming a key issue for the future, with laboratory facilities also playing an important role to promote innovation.

HRM/New Work, and innovation and quality management as embodied in the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) are our two focus areas in this overarching topic.

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