EU law and policies

EU law and policies

European integration is realised by creating common regulatory policies through law. Over decades, this process resulted in an autonomous, independent and ever more complex legal system, which today is referred to as European Union (EU) law. EU law operates in tandem with the laws of the EU Member States and the interaction of these two legal regimes requires careful study and appreciation.

In addition, the EU has not only emerged as a distinct legal system, with a refined relationship to the national laws of its Member States; it has also grown in volume, covering a broad range of areas such as market integration, environmental policy and judicial cooperation. At the same time, the European integration project has lately been confronted with distinct challenges that affect both the core of the EU’s policy-making capacity and the political commitment of its Member States. The culmination of recent events creates dilemmas that go much further than the traditional ‘deepening’ or ‘expanding’ integration paradigm. They are pushing the European Union to embody its mission more convincingly.

Our offer
Our goal is to engage our partners and audiences in seeking modalities to better equip the EU to respond to the current challenges. We strive to discover the major political, legal, economic and social drives behind key EU policies to better respond to the respective regulatory dilemmas. It is on this basis that we evaluate the European-level responses and provide national administrations, interest groups and practitioners affected by EU regulatory policy an enhanced understanding of how to work more effectively with the EU.

EIPA has been implementing relevant training and technical assistance activities on EU law and policies for several decades, for public administration in the EU and beyond. We offer a range of activities, either on an open-enrolment basis or tailor-made to the needs of our target group.

Our experts also benefit from the privileged insights that they obtain through constant interaction with EU practitioners when delivering activities under the successive framework contracts on EU governance. EIPA has been managing this for the EU institutions, bodies and agencies since 2003.

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