Technical assistance
& consultancy

We offer technical assistance and capacity building services

Technical assistance combines ad hoc solutions with mid to long-term value solutions which address structural issues, e.g. embedding competences, improvement of work and service delivery processes and procedures, organisational optimisation, legislative changes and new regulatory frameworks. The solutions can take the form of strategic partnerships and networks, enhanced learning solutions, embedding of experts, analyses and strategies, reform roadmaps, policy design, legislative support, procedural and methodological manuals, and guidelines. Thus, technical assistance enables sustainable outcomes and improves the beneficiaries’ independent capacities.

EIPA’s offer
EIPA delivers technical assistance and capacity building services for horizontal aspects of public sector reform and organisational development, and in selected policy areas.

EIPA portfolio includes:

  • Creating and building up public sector training institutions – Case study: Regional School of Public Administration for the Western Balkans (ReSPA)
  • Macro analysis of existing training models and offers – Reference: the analysis of the trainings of lawyers and court staff across the EU member states in EU law
  • Design of and advise on methodologies for training needs assessment of the public sector (macro and micro level)
  • Introduction of quality and performance management systems – References include the introduction of CAF in the European Railway Agency, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Economic and Social Committee
  • Evaluation of public sector organisations and future forecast. Examples include the 2012 Study on The Future of Eurojust for the European Parliament,
  • Supply/demand analysis for ACB instruments – References include the study on the need and feasibility of a peer-to-peer exchange instrument for better management of ESI funds across the EU
  • Design and introduction of methodologies and practical guides for the central executive
  • Design of guidelines on administrative capacity building (key principles, benchmarking, good practices, evaluation).  – Reference: “Quality of Public Administration – a Toolbox for Practitioners”.
  • Cross-country comparative analysis, profiling and policy recommendations – Reference: “Support for better country knowledge on public administration and institutional capacity building” (EUPACK).