Quality Management/ CAF

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

The CAF is a common tool to assist public sector organisations to use quality management techniques in public administration. It provides a general, simple, easy-to-use framework, which is suitable for self-assessment of public sector organisations and their development towards excellence.

Our role in CAF

EIPA hosts the European CAF Resource Centre (CAF RC).
The role of the EU CAF Resource Centre at EIPA is crucial. Besides managing the CAF database at European level, we act in coordination with the CAF National Centres, the European Commission and the EFQM representatives in the different revisions of the model, and the external feedback procedure. We offer a common European training scheme for those starting with CAF, and training the CAF external feedback actors. We also assist in the promotion and implementation of the model through European training, research and consultancy work.

How can we help you in your efforts for excellence?
We work with – and for – the CAF national correspondents and quality management specialists coordinating, assisting, training and evaluating quality management processes in specific segments. We cover all sectors using or planning to use CAF, and support and reinforce the large European family of CAF users.

If your ministry, department, city, hospital or institute is launching the self-assessment process, or wants to obtain training for the external feedback actors; if you want to conduct a bench-learning event, make a comparative analysis with other similar organisations, raise your skills in implementing or overseeing the CAF implementation in your organisation – please contact us and we will offer you consultancy and coaching in different formats in your path towards excellence.

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Gracia Vara Arribas

Gracia Vara Arribas

EU Law and Governance, Head of the European CAF Resource Center

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