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The benefits of working at EIPA

The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) is committed to providing an enriching and fulfilling work experience for its employees. The Institute values its employees’ well-being and financial security, providing competitive compensation and benefits packages. Furthermore, EIPA actively promotes the professional development of its staff through training programmes and networking opportunities, enabling them to continuously enhance their skills and knowledge.

The following provides a short description of the main employment benefits that EIPA offers to its employees. The benefits package depends on various factors, such as the duration of your contract, the number of hours you work, and the type of contract you have.

The benefits

The ABP Pension Fund is one of the most well-known pension providers in the Netherlands. It is the pension fund for people working in the government & educational sectors. The Institute automatically enrolls its employees in this fund. Approximately 2/3 of the amount is paid by EIPA, and 1/3 is subtracted automatically from the gross salary before taxes (thus tax-free). For more information, please visit this page.

The A La Carte Tax Schemes Regulation allows EIPA employees to exchange taxed employment conditions, like your salary, for tax-free employment conditions, such as a commuting allowance. This regulation benefits employees financially by increasing their net salary, and EIPA incurs no additional costs. This provides employees with a personalised employment package that meets their individual needs.

EIPA provides a considerable number of at least 24 paid days off per year to full-time employees and a yearly holiday allowance of 8%. On top, employees are entitled to extra paid leave (ATV) cumulated over the year and special leave for a number of specific cases.

EIPA offers assistance to employees who are relocating to Maastricht by offering various support services. These services may include a commuting allowance, hotel accommodations, and assistance with tasks such as registering with the local municipality and setting up a bank account. By providing this kind of support, EIPA aims to make the process of moving and settling down in Maastricht as smooth and stress-free as possible for its employees.

Depending on the family situation and place of origin, incoming EIPA staff is entitled to various allowances. These benefits may include a fitting-out allowance, reimbursement of removal costs, and an annual trip home.

EIPA offers commuting allowances for employees travelling via private and public transportation and provides a lease for bikes. Employees’ commuting allowance depends on how far they live from the office. EIPA encourages sustainable choices for commuting; this is why the Institute offers a lease agreement for a new bike with a fixed low monthly rate.

Continued learning and self-development are essential, which is why EIPA is committed to supporting its employees by regularly providing internal training sessions. EIPA employees can develop their skills and competencies via our internal training centre and by participating in sessions organised by external experts.

Every year, as part of the Performance Management process, the employee and their supervisor meet to evaluate the employee’s progress towards the goals they agreed upon. They also discuss the employee’s professional growth and opportunities for attending relevant training programmes.

EIPA is dedicated to improving its employees’ well-being and consistently seeks ways to enhance their benefits. To this end, EIPA has developed several measures, including compensation for working from home, referral bonuses for referring new employees, the option to sell unused holidays, and fitness allowances to encourage healthy lifestyles.

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