EU governance and policy-making

EU governance and policy-making

Understanding how the EU works and how to participate effectively in its policies has become increasingly important for European public officials, but also ever more challenging. Administrations today operate in a multilevel setting that involves interaction among a host of different actors. They are confronted by a multiplicity of EU law-making procedures, as well as complex processes of economic policy coordination, and new forms of cooperation in foreign and security policy. And public officials need to master the growing range of new tools and approaches that are now being used in policy-making.

Our offer
EIPA is an established centre of expertise in the practice of EU policy-making. We focus on the needs of public administrations, specialising in short courses that provide essential knowledge and skills. We offer support to develop individual and organisational capacities to manage the practical challenges of involvement in EU policy processes. EIPA also addresses the democratic quality of EU governance, having worked on the role of national parliaments since the 1990s, and increasingly being concerned with new forms of participation and citizen engagement.

The institute offers a range of activities, either on an open-enrolment basis or tailor-made to the needs of clients. These include

  • knowledge-based courses on EU decision-making
  • seminar-workshops on new policy-making techniques
  • skills training on EU negotiations
  • programmes of hands-on support for management of the Council Presidency
  • modules on policy-making processes in EU economic governance or external action

EIPA’s services combine several distinctive features. They have a comparative perspective. Over the decades, the institute has conducted studies on national arrangements for managing EU polices and implementing EU law, as well as having wide experience in working with multinational groups and exchanges of practice.

Our experts also benefit from the privileged insights that they obtain though constant interaction with EU practitioners when delivering activities under the successive framework contracts on EU governance that EIPA has managed for the EU institutions, bodies and agencies since 2003.

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