European Green Deal

The Green Deal

In December 2019, the European Commission announced the European Green Deal. The Green Deal is the latest push to address climate change and various environmental challenges. As an over-arching policy agenda, the Green Deal relates to several policy areas: internal market regulation, climate, energy, industrial policy and circular economy, construction, pollution, biodiversity, agriculture and transport. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the objective of sustainability will be integrated in policymaking across the board. Sustainability and green mainstreaming will affect public administrations at all levels of government.

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We have devised several courses related to the European Green Deal. In our main course on the subject, we provide you with an introduction to the main objectives and policies, the latest legislative developments and an overview of the available funding instruments. For a deeper understanding of programme management and implementation of available funding instruments, we offer a series of specialised courses. To prepare public administrations for sustainability mainstreaming, we offer several courses on sustainable finance, green public procurement and human resource management.


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If your organisation or institute has a specific training need, you can create your own course by building on the core modules of our existing courses and e-learning models. We also offer consultancy and coaching in different formats to European public administrations and agencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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