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Today, European Union law is present in almost all segments of public administration, business and everyday life. Understanding the general characteristics of EU law is key to safely navigating essential issues related to how EU law and national law interact, what competencies the EU can exercise and how EU law can be enforced.

EIPA’s long-standing experience and methodology ensures that horizontal issues of EU law are thoroughly discussed and intricately explained, resulting in a refined yet practice-oriented understanding of how EU law actually works.

Our offer on EU law

EIPA offers a range of activities on general EU law from basic introductory courses on the general aspects of EU law to more advanced courses discussing specific aspects of the legal system of the European Union. Example subjects are private enforcement of EU law, how to implement EU law into national law, how to ensure compliance with EU law and how local governments should respond to the EU’s legal, institutional and jurisdictional challenges. Within our offer you can also find training focusing on EU administrative law and a number of courses specifically dealing with the enforcement of EU law before the national courts, and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Our summer school explores the tenets of the European Union and helps participants understand the major events and policies currently shaping the European Union. This shows how events of today will have an impact on the institutional and legal identity of the EU of tomorrow.

The annual conference on the Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union reviews and comments on a selected number of judicial decisions issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the given year. Judgements selected for discussion focus on decisions that offer a first-time interpretation of certain EU legal instruments, providing either new avenues of interpretation or a reconsideration of past jurisprudence. The event is attended by leading EU law practitioners and academics who together form a community of legal experts devoted to the study of EU law.

In tandem with the above, the annual conference on European Union Civil Service Law explores recent developments in the case law of the General Court and looks specifically at detailed issues regarding civil service litigation in the EU. The event also serves as a forum for debate and a critical assessment of relevant case law among the key actors concerned.

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