Better Regulation: ex ante impact assessments, ex post evaluations and more

Better Regulation: ex ante impact assessments, ex post evaluations and more

Better Regulation (BR) is at the heart of the EU policymaking process and is born out of the desire for better governance. It is a vital tool in enhancing legitimacy and safeguarding democracy by ensuring policies and laws are future proof, fit for purpose, simple, evidence-informed, open and transparent. Regulatory ex ante impact assessments, ex post evaluations, stakeholder consultation and Strategic Foresight are essential instruments that ensure policy-making can: a) deliver results smarter and faster, on an increasing number of complex policy issues, as well as b) design, develop and assess effective, efficient and future proof policies.

Our Training Portfolio

EIPA is currently offering five courses on Better Regulation:

  • Introductory course on Better Regulation
  • Regulatory ex ante impact assessments
  • Regulatory ex post evaluations
  • Stakeholder consultation (SHC) in the context of Better regulation.
  • Introduction to strategic foresight

Better regulation

The aim of these courses is to equip policy officers with the knowledge, skills and competencies to ensure Better Regulation in the current policy environment. These courses:

  • provide a comprehensive overview of the most essential elements of the Better Regulation agenda implemented at the EU and national levels by using the EU Better Regulation Guidelines and Toolbox as a starting point,
  • enhance the ability to design, manage and communicate the results of regulatory ex-ante impact assessments and ex-post evaluations.
  • upgrade and enrich the skills and knowledge necessary to independently understand data, appraise evidence and incorporate it in the policymaking process.
  • improve the ability to effectively use consultation methods in order to meet increased expectations to engage with stakeholders, civil society, citizens and end- users.
  • Develop and improve the ability to use methods and tools for strategic foresight and futures design.

EIPA offers in-depth trainings on specific elements of regulatory impact assessment or ex post evaluation for example courses on objectives, monitoring and indicators or problem definition and intervention logic.

Beyond the courses listed above, EIPA provides technical assistance, consultancy and coaching in Better Regulation.

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