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In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, organisations as well as companies are compelled to adapt and improve to succeed. Whether operating regionally, nationally or internationally, the skills and capabilities of staff members directly affect critical outcomes.

International environment deals not only across borders, also cultures. Culture profoundly influences how people think, communicate, and behave. It also affects the kinds of transactions they make and the way they negotiate them.

EIPA’s offer around negotiations aims to enable participants to become aware of behaviors and to acquire techniques which strengthen the capacities of the negotiator evolving in a multicultural / international environment. This includes specific modules for EU negotiators and any other stakeholders involved into this sui generis decision-making/taking process.

Over the past two decades, we trained thousands of public professional in negotiation techniques, often during our extensive tailor-made training programmes which we provided to Member States preparing for the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

EIPA’s activities around negotiations aim to equip those who negotiate with the tools – knowledge, know-how, behavior – and training to overcome the challenges of preparation and coordination before, during and after any negotiation.

EIPA’s negotiation activities in a nutshell

We offer a comprehensive training path that can be followed in full or in part

  • Transfer knowledge and skills relating to negotiation, consensus-building, leadership, advocacy, as well as cross-cultural and interpersonal management, in one comprehensive ‘package’.
  • For individuals active on local, regional, national, EU, and international playing fields.
  • Operating on behalf of either public, private, and non-governmentally organised stakeholders.

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