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Digital technologies have changed the way we live. The progressive process of datafication, turning many aspects of our life into digital data, has immensely influenced the rapid evolution of the new technologies and transformation of our society. Data is at the centre of this digital revolution, and we are fully aware of the breadth and the pervasiveness of the processing, use and transfer of personal data. And while these exchanges and processing of personal data can bring tremendous benefits, new vulnerabilities can be exploited. Think of how artificial intelligence is used to improve processes in health, technology, or business. Because it is seen as central to the digital transformation of society, questions regarding the use of data and privacy can arise.

Data protection and data security are more than ever playing an essential intertwined role in safeguarding our fundamental rights. Identifying the new vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious parties and new ways of ensuring that critical infrastructure, systems, and assets are safe is paramount for protecting our privacy.

In actuality, this is one of the European Commission’s primary objectives. Through digital policies contained in its “Path to the Digital Decade,” it seeks to digitally modernise Europe by the year 2030. It aims to safeguard its residents while simultaneously fostering a vibrant commercial environment. You can visit the official website for a summary of what has been happening since the debut to learn more about the Commission’s digital strategy.

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