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The progressive process of datafication, turning many aspects of our life into digital data, has immensely influenced the rapid evolution of the new technologies and transformation of our society. Data is at the centre of this digital revolution, and we are fully aware of the breadth and the pervasiveness of the processing, use and transfer of personal data. And while this exchanges and processing of personal data can bring tremendous benefits, new vulnerabilities can be exploited. Data protection and data security are more than ever playing an essential intertwined role in safeguarding our fundamental rights. Identifying the new vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious parties and new ways of ensuring that critical infrastructure, systems, and assets are safe is paramount for protecting our privacy.

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The Digital Policy, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Hub at EIPA is very much aware of the complexity and the unprecedented challenges posed by the data-driven society. This is why we pledge to support you in navigating through the new digital policies, data protection and cybersecurity challenges in the usual highly engaging and professional fashion. We are proud to be a step ahead due to our team of researchers and experts, but also our collaborators and practitioners at the forefront of data protection, cybersecurity and digital policy.

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