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Introductory and Practitioners’ Seminar: European Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice

This comprehensive seminar will provide you with an understanding of the principles and procedures of European public procurement policy, focusing on the Public Procurement Directives and relevant case law. You will be guided through the Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU and the Utilities Directive 2014/25/EU
28 Feb 2023 - 3 Mar 2023
Maastricht (NL)
Public procurement

New Structural Funds Programmes and the New Regulations 2021-2027

New programmes for the 2021-2027 period have been delayed, but nearly all are now agreed and are being implemented. Do you know all you need to know about the new Structural Funds Regulations, and how they compare to the last period? How have new programmes selected priorities, activities and planned finances? What flexibilities and simplifications do they have? And how will they report progress and measure performance and impact?
15 Mar 2023 - 17 Mar 2023
Structural and cohesion funds/ESIF

Understanding EU Decision-Making: Principles, Procedures, Practice (incl. online Preliminary Module)

This course will get you up to speed on the essential elements of how the EU system works: the different powers that the EU has, who does what, and how you can have a role in shaping EU decisions. It is concise but thorough, and focusses in detail on EU law-making. It includes an online preliminary module that introduces the foundations of decision-making in the EU.
16 Mar 2023 - 24 Mar 2023
Maastricht (NL) & Online
EU decision-making

Enforcement of EU State Aid Rules

This course will cover the following crucial topics, as the notion of State aid; State aid procedures: notified aid, unlawful aid (recovery), misuse of aid and existing aid; the compatibility of State aid; the Block Exemption Regulations and the horizontal and sectoral aid rules.
4 Apr 2023 - 5 Apr 2023
Luxembourg (LU)
LawState aid

Performance Audit Degli Investimenti Co-Finanziati Dal Budget UE: L’Approccio Della Corte Dei Conti Europea

Il corso presenta le diverse fasi di questo audit, dalla pianificazione all’implementazione dell’audit stesso, fino alla sua conclusione e disseminazione dei risultati. Il corso alterna lezioni teoriche con esempi pratici derivanti da alcuni audit della Corte nel campo dell’energia e dei trasporti.
12 Apr 2023 - 14 Apr 2023
Rome (IT)
Structural and cohesion funds/ESIF

European Public Procurement, PPP/Private Finance and Concessions

This course will provide an understanding of the latest rules and developments in European public procurement, PPP/private finance and concessions. It should be of benefit to representatives from contracting authorities and businesses who need to familiarise themselves with the rules and policies at European level.
18 Apr 2023 - 19 Apr 2023
Barcelona (ES)
Public procurement

Data Protection and the Healthcare Sector

Our new Data Protection and the Healthcare Sector course aims to provide all professionals working in the healthcare sector (from lawyers and consultants to research and development teams) with a solid understanding of how data protection impacts their sector, the legal aspects and the new challenges facing the healthcare sector with respect to data protection.
24 Apr 2023 - 25 Apr 2023
Maastricht (NL)
Data protection/AI