External expert Goran Pastrovic

Goran Pastrovic


Professional experience

Goran Pastrovic is Senior Expert in Quality Management within EQUILIBRIUM.INT company. He is engaged in the following areas: service and programme design, communication and branding strategy, organizational change management, digital transformation and design and management of innovation portfolio in Public, Civic and private sectors, currently being engaged as short-term expert for SIGMA OECD, UNDO, etc.

Previously (2011-20202) he has been assigned to a position of Programme Manager at ReSPA managing all of the regional activities in the field of Digitalization of Public Administration and Quality Management in Public Administration and Public Services.

In recent years he has been the responsible ReSPA Programme Manager for the design and coordination of the ReSPA Quality Management Center, 2019 and 2020 Seasonal Schools (Digital transformation / Rapid Innovation Lab), as well as contributor to design of the ReSPA – SIGMA OECD PA awards 2020.

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