EIPA Strengthens Partnership with the German Academy of Public Administration


A day marked by strategic discussions and purposeful deliberations unfolded at the German Federal Academy of Public Administration (BAköV) premises in Brühl as our EIPA delegation, led by General Director Marco Ongaro, convened with key figures from the German Federal Administration. The meeting, which included President Arne Schönbohm, department head Soraya Babazadeh-Bengel, and Master of European Governance and Administration (MEGA) course coordinator Axel Kraemer, marked a pivotal step towards the deepening of our partnership.

group photo eipa team at barkoev

Delving into insightful conversations, the EIPA team, which included Programme Director Martijn Pluim, Expert Wolfgang Koeth, and Marketing and Communication Manager Fiona Hartmann, explored a range of critical topics with their German counterparts:

  • Ensuring Lifelong Learning in Public Administration: The discussion revolved around strategies to ensure that public administration professionals have access to ongoing learning opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Proactively addressing knowledge transfer amid demographic changes in German Public Administration: With demographic shifts impacting the public sector workforce, finding proactive solutions for knowledge transfer and succession planning took centre stage.
  • The ongoing digitalisation of the German state: The meeting examined the progress and implications of digitalisation within the German state’s administrative processes.
  • Exploring the opportunities and challenges that AI presents to the public sector: With artificial intelligence playing a growing role in public administration, the conversation turned to the opportunities and challenges it brings in addressing contemporary issues.

Since the beginning, the BAköV has been a supporting member of EIPA. Recently, we signed a new ancillary agreement between the two organisations which aims at providing for joint initiatives and projects.

The partnership deepening between EIPA and the German Federal Administration also underscores the importance of international collaboration in promoting effective governance and administrative practices. EIPA looks forward to further strengthening their relationship and making a positive impact on the German public sector.


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