CAF training at EIPA Maastricht, 23-25 November 2022


European CAF Ressource Center is offering public officials who are involved in the introduction or implementation of quality management tools in their respective organisations to join our upcoming course “CAF 2020 Total Quality Management framework – A Tool for Revamping Public Administrations in the Post COVID Era”. The course will take place at EIPA Maastricht on 23-25 November. Working language of the course is English.

During the seminar, CAF experts Tihana Puzic, Goran Pastrovic and Gracia Vara-Arribas will update participants on the newest developments in CAF 2020. Experts will also provide practical insights into the model itself and its correlation with human-centred design and agile management. In practical exercises, participants will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained, and will receive a playbook (used materials) with personalised tips for your own organisation’s improvement.

The CAF has proven to be the ultimate tool to improve quality in public organisations and make sure it is prepared for future crises. It is a free quality management model that enables public institutions across the globe to boost, transform and efficiently manage their performance. As an evidence-based and “living” quality management tool, it can also partner with other tools and methodologies (such as human-centred design and agile management) during the optimisation of processes and services in any single public institution.

At the end of this course, participants will have a clear understanding of:

  • the CAF 2020 quality model itself, and the self-assessment process;
  • major characteristics of ISO and EFQM and how they relate to the CAF and vice versa;
  • roles in the CAF process and communication structure;
  • how to implement the CAF 2020;
  • how to communicate, follow up and measure CAF successes;
  • how to prioritise improvement actions on a short, medium and long-term basis in the CAF 2020;
  • the place of the CAF and the CAF 2020 within the different models used for TQM in the public sector;
  • how to apply for Procedure on CAF External Feedback (PEF) and prepare for the PEF on-site visit;
  • the requirements for the PEF auditor’s work and the feedback report;
  • how to introduce human-centred design and agile management along with the CAF process in the institution;
  • get insight into present and upcoming global challenges and discuss how to prepare for them (with the aim of ensuring resilient institutions).

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