Tihana Puzić

Senior Expert in Quality Management

Professional experience

Tihana Puzić is a certified internal auditor for finance management of public institutions, quality manager for ISO 9001:2015, Common Assessment Framework trainer and practitioner. With a professional experience of 20 years in organisational consultancy as senior quality advisor and communications specialist she has proven to be capable of taking lead position in coordination and scaling up best practices in quality management and organisational development in the Western Balkan region.

Her expertise is to connect the missing dots and improve the processes, finding ways and methods to put the employees and clients first through quality management, following one objective: improved service delivery in the Western Balkans. Her guiding motto is that only transparent, agile, digitalised and client-centred service delivery can meet public expectations and gain trust in the governments. By doing so, skilled and satisfied employees shall be the driving force of every reform, backed up with strong leadership and advocacy at higher levels.

As a freelance consultant Tihana is coaching and supporting organisations and institutions in the CAF 2020 implementation, monitoring and change management, with a focus on internal and external communication boost.

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