European Public Sector Award workshops

EPSA Workshops

The European Public Sector Award (EPSA) series of workshops, offered in 2022, is developed for public administrators to enhance their capacity to design and implement innovative reforms in times of recovery. To support participants’ learning progress and to create a transnational community of public administrations, the workshops are organised in four learning paths:

  • Supporting Design and Implementation of Reforms
  • Foresight and crisis management
  • Innovation and future challenges of public administration
  • Good public management: advanced skills for public officials

Supporting Design and Implementation of Reforms

23 March 2022 EU Support to public administration
This workshop introduces the Commission approach in supporting Member States’ national administrations in the design and implementation of reforms and provides an overview of available EU instruments. Registration is closed.

25 April 2022 – The Common Assessment Framework (CAF): the quality tool for national, regional and local public services
This workshops is an introductory workshop into the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) model, which aims to explain the steps needed to implement CAF2020 in public administrations to improve the performance of their services. All public administration officials, working in local, regional or national institutions are welcome to attend this workshop. Registration is closed.

5 May 2022 – Skills for evidence-informed policymaking
In light of new challenges related to climate change, digital transformation and current and future health risks, there is a need for governments and administrations to increase capacities for effective policy making. This workshop is an essential element of the learning path aiming to develop knowledge and skills of researchers and policy makers and foster their excellence in policy-making. Registration is closed.

Innovation in public administration

12 May 2022 Public sector innovation: tools and methods to create an innovation-friendly ecosystem
New challenges require public administrations to embrace and integrate innovation to develop new solutions for persistent problems, and to set new directions of administrative reform. We will introduce a theoretical and practical frameworks to foster systematic organisational change to promote innovation in public administration. This workshop is addressed primarily to (chief) executives, public managers and innovation team managers. Registration is closed.

20 May 2022Digitalisation and Public Sector Innovation
This workshop will focus on identifying challenges and drivers of reforms that public administration face currently. Experts from OECD and European Commission will introduce current policies and policy frameworks to respond to technological change. Moreover, we will discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence and its technical and legal foundations to be used in public administrations. Register here.

2 June 2022Using digital tools to foster integrity in Public Administration
This workshop will introduce key concepts and practices of public sector integrity. Experts from the OECD and the European Commission will present empirical evidence as well as policies, initiatives and tools to foster integrity. In the workshop, experts will engage in a dialogue with participants to discuss the most important challenges to foster integrity. Register here.

Coming soon – Green transition

Good public management: advanced skills for public officials

9 June 2022 – Leadership, Culture and Change Management
The role of manager will be decisive in determining the success or failure of the (digital) transformation in the world of work. This workshop will focus on the role of the manager and the range of experiences relevant to the reorientation of leadership development moving forward. Register here.

21 June 2022 – Strategic workforce planning and talent management
In view of the shortage of skilled workers, new talent groups must be leveraged and recruitment processes redesigned. Administration must position itself as a competitive employer. This workshop tackles the question around the talent management strategies and approaches in public administration. Register here.

24 June 2022Diverse Workforce and New Work: Inclusiveness and gender mainstreaming
Diversity needs a value oriented organisational culture and strong leadership and collaboration. Inclusion is more than integration and this promotes strong identification with the employers. In this workshop we will have a special focus on inclusiveness and promoting staff members with disabilities and the role of Gender Mainstreaming. Register here.

Coming soon – Government communication: fit for the future

Foresight and Crisis Management

Coming soon – Working with complexity

Coming soon – Strategic Foresight

Coming soon – Crisis management: preparedness and response

The EPSA workshops are supported by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM), through the Technical Support Instrument (TSI).

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