DG REGIO visits EIPA Maastricht


On 24 January, we had the pleasure of hosting representatives from DG REGIO at our office in Maastricht.

Marco Lopriore welcoming word during visit DG REGIO to EIPA Maastricht


Acknowledging EIPA’s long-established expertise in the area of Structural and Cohesion Funds, we were honoured to engage in insightful discussions about current and potential initiatives within the areas of EU Cohesion and Public Administration that would enhance the engagement and resilience of the public administrations of Czechia and Slovakia.

Pascal Boijmans, Head of Unit Czechia and Slovakia, presented the state of play and key issues within the DG’s activities and programmes’ implementation concerning Czechia and Slovakia.

EIPA’s internal and external experts highlighted our key activities in EU Cohesion including our open and contract activities and training modules, the EU Anti-fraud knowledge centre, and sector study visits. Additionally, Zuzana Polackova, EIPA External Expert, provided an overview on the main solutions on the ground in Slovakia.

EIPA has served as the main provider of training on EU Cohesion Policy 2014–2020 and 2021–2027 to the staff of national managing authorities since 2013. We have been implementing these activities under two consecutive Framework contracts for DG REGIO, European Commission.

We express our appreciation for DG REGIO’s valuable input and collaboration in the effort to engage the public administrations of Czechia and Slovakia in EU initiatives, and we are looking forward to working together on future endeavours that strengthen the public sector of the region.


Group photo of DG REGIO visiting EIPA Maastricht office


On the topic of EU Cohesion Policy, we offer a comprehensive training package that is tailored to country-specific and authority-specific needs. To gain a full overview of the expertises covered by us, have a look at our dedicated page below:

Our Multiple Framework Service Contract with DG REGIO