EU Cohesion Policy

Multiple Framework Service Contract with DG REGIO

Since 2013 we have been the main provider of training on EU Cohesion Policy 2014–2020 and 2021–2027 to the staff of EU institutions, national managing authorities and civil society organisations. We have been implementing these activities under two consecutive Framework contracts for DG Regio, European Commission (for reference see the Common State Aid Action Plan 2023-2027).

This is an acknowledgement of EIPA’s long-established expertise in the area of Structural and Cohesion Funds. On this topic, we offer a comprehensive training package that is tailored to country-specific and authority-specific needs. EIPA’s expertise covers the following in depth:

  • Comparison of the 2014–2020 and the 2021–2027 programming periods;
  • Strategic programming and project pipelines;
  • Conditionality and enabling conditions;
  • Programme management, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Revenue-generating projects;
  • Greater use of simplification and implementation of SCOs;
  • Financial management and audit;
  • Internal and external audit of EU-funded programmes and projects;
  • Performance audit of EU funds;
  • Cost–benefit analysis of EU-financed projects;
  • Project strategy for EU 2020 and post-2020 funding.

Training programmes

The current Framework contract has been ongoing since the end of 2018 and sees EIPA as the sole contractor with the EC. Highlights of this contract are the module on Strategic Procurement in ESI Funds. This covers green procurement, innovative and social responsible procurement, as well as the module on prevention of fraud and corruption in ESI Funds.

The module on State Aid in the Management of the ESIF covering GBER/de minimis as well as sectoral areas (research infrastructures) and compliance of SCO to state aid is still in high demand. It has been delivered since 2017 and is being carried out at least twice a year.

Under the latest Framework contract, two seminars were delivered in Sofia (Bulgaria) on the preparation of the next programming period in the area of smart investments in RDI.

The contract Training Provision on Regulation of Structural Funds Programming 2014– 2020 and Europe 2020 was delivered by a consortium led by EIPA, with Ecorys and PWC. Each training programme took the form of a two-day seminar with the objective of increasing the understanding of relevant authorities in the interested Member States regarding the ESI Funds regulations and the challenges of implementation on the ground.

The module Ensuring Result Orientation in Operational Programmes 2014–2020: Programme Management, Project Selection, Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation was delivered for DG REGIO/EMPL over 2015–2016. It contributed to a debate on developing a good pipeline of projects, upgrading the project selection, improving monitoring and evaluation, and using Simplified Cost Options to deliver better results. Under this contract, in 2017 we delivered for DG MARE a two-day training session on Results Orientation of Programmes and Projects in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Furthermore, the module Management and Control: Management Verifications in ESI Funds was delivered for DG REGIO/EMPL and for DG MARE, adapted for the context of EMFF. The initial training delivered at the start of the 2014–2020 period was on the preparation of the ESI programmes as well as on financial instruments adapted to both the ERDF and ESF contexts.

Get the specific solution your organisation needs

If your organisation or institute has a specific training need, you can create your own course by building on the core modules of our existing courses and e-learning models. We also offer consultancy and coaching in different formats to European public administrations and agencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us.