Kathleen Torrance

Program manager of the Dutch government‘s innovation community (Rijks Innovatie Community)

Professional experience

Kathleen Torrance is the program manager of the Dutch government‘s innovation community (‘Rijks Innovatie Community’ – RIC).  RIC was set up in 2018 and has grown to be an interdepartmental community of policy professionals from Dutch ministries and executive organizations who fulfil different roles in facilitating innovation. RIC aims to nurture the flow of knowledge about technology and innovation and about government activities in these areas, between government staff, departments and organisations. Kathleen heads a small- but motivated- team which is the driver of RIC. One of RICs activities is organising INNOvember2022- the second edition of a bi-annual congress (in November) which last a month and is organised by and for the staff of central government organisations.

Before this assignment, Kathleen was the deputy director and a staff member of the AWTI, which is the central advisory body in the Netherlands on governmental policy-making in the field of innovation, science and technology.

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