Shaping the Future of European Public Administration: Highlights from the CAF National Correspondents Meeting in Madrid


Exploring Excellence in Public Administration: Highlights from the CAF National Correspondents Meeting

Recently, the CAF National Correspondents Meeting was held on 6 October 2023, in Madrid. This gathering brought together National CAF Correspondents from across Europe, showcasing the importance of this event in the realm of public administration.

First panel of the day

The day began with a discussion on Spanish EU priorities, aligning them with CAF and Quality Management Approaches, showcasing CAF’s role in public administration excellence.

Attendees, including National CAF Correspondents, had the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the overarching goals and vision of the Spanish Presidency of the EUPAN (European Public Administration Network). This alignment of priorities with CAF and Quality Management Approaches underscored the role of CAF in achieving excellence in public administration.

Second panel of the day

The second panel of the day offered a compelling perspective on the pivotal role of Quality Culture in shaping the future of the European Union, with a specific focus on CAF. Experts from the European Commission provided a thought-provoking discourse on the significance of fostering a quality-driven culture within public administration. This session highlighted the vital link between quality management principles and the EU’s aspirations for a prosperous future, a message embraced by National CAF Correspondents in attendance.

Final panel

The third session was dedicated to evaluating the progress of CAF mainstreaming in the public sector, both within the EU and beyond. Participants engaged in a discussion about the challenges faced and lessons learned in implementing CAF. The session also shed light on the evolving landscape of work, including telework, and how CAF can add value to its succesful implementation.

The event concluded with updates on CAF initiatives, including CAF Education, the appointment of the CAF National Correspondent, External Feedback Procedure enhancements, and the introduction of a Technical Support Instrument (TSI) proposal.


In summary, the Madrid meeting highlighted CAF’s role in shaping EU quality culture within the public sector and its adaptability to evolving work environments, reinforcing the commitment to excellence in European public administration.

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