Policy design, impact assessment and evaluation


Policy-making as an essential function of governance is undergoing substantial changes. These changes are driven by the need to foresee the future better and further, as well as to deliver results smarter and faster on an increasing number of complex interrelated policy issues. Policy officers operate in a new “policy-making environment” characterised by challenges, related to:

  • the increasing need to understand, obtain and interrogate robust and comprehensive evidence/data
  • the need to develop policies resilient to a wider range of possible outcomes, through futures thinking and foresight
  • the demand for innovative and experimental approaches such as design, behavioural insights
  • Increased expectations to engage with civil society, citizens and end-users, which  require enhanced and systematic use of co-creation, co-production and participatory methodologies

EIPA portfolio
EIPA offers an extensive technical assistance and training portfolio to EU and national policymakers, which aims to

  • Upgrade and enrich the skills and knowledge necessary to independently understand data, appraise evidence and incorporate it in the policymaking process
  • Develop and improve the ability to use models, tools and techniques for policy foresight and futures design
  • Improve understanding of end-users’ behavioural patterns and incentives
  • Enhance understanding and contextual application of the EU Better Regulation Toolbox
  • Improve the ability to use effectively stakeholders‘ consultation and engagement methods

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