EIPA is Celebrating its 40th Anniversary – Join Our Public Event


EIPA is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021. Much has changed compared with EIPA’s early days. The past decade, marked by the European debt crisis, the migration crisis, and now the pandemic, has underlined the need for improvements in the EU’s multilevel administrative system.

European roles must be clearly defined in order for the EU to reach its full potential. Member States need to live up to the standards required by the EU’s strategies to deliver the social, environmental and political protection that citizens need. Among other things, this means that Member States and European networks need to be equipped with appropriate instruments and procedures.

Making European Policies Work – Next Generation EIPA

Over the past decades, EIPA has collected, combined and provided deep insights into ongoing reforms, building on experiences at EU level, in the Member States, and in different policy areas. With our virtual 40th anniversary event ‘Making European Policies Work – Next Generation EIPA’ on 28 October 2021, we will be building on past experiences, identifying areas where EU policies have been successful and looking at practices in different countries.

New Challenges for EU Policy

Together with our distinguished speakers from academia, EU representatives, and members of different levels of EU governance and international organisations, we will look at the new challenges for EU policy implementation from three perspectives:

– the design of multilevel administrative arrangements;

– the contribution of mutual learning and transnational cooperation; and

– the role of political leadership and citizen engagement.

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