Multiannual framework contracts with the EU

Multiannual framework contracts with the EU

Since 2021, EIPA has been managing the multiannual EU framework contract covering Learning and development services in the fields of European and international affairs, EU governance, law, policymaking and strategy building.

This is the fifth successive multiannual framework contract on EU governance that EIPA has won since 2003, previously in partnership with the College of Europe and Lattanzio Learning.

These contracts cover almost all the EU institutions, bodies and agencies.

In 2022, we organised 474 activities with a total of 7693 participants.

These activities cover EU law, EU decision-making and economics; Better Regulation, strategic foresight and new approaches to policymaking; and a range of EU policies including the environment, asylum and migration and EU external action. They are organised in close collaboration with the responsible unit or division.
While we draw on a broad network of external specialists and partner organisations, most of EIPA’s own experts contribute to these large-scale framework contracts. This means that we are familiar with the latest developments in EU policies and processes, as well as having direct contact with actors across the EU universe. Input and insights we receive from EU practitioners about policy issues and perspectives enrich all EIPA’s activities.

The illustrative table below shows the main activities of this sort that we have delivered on a regular basis for the Commission, Parliament and Council.

Main series of activities delivered, 2016-2021


  • Internal and interinstitutional procedures
  • Relations with the Council
  • Relations with the European Parliament
  • The ordinary legislative procedure
  • Delegated and implementing acts
  • EU decentralised agencies
  • Better Regulation around the policy cycle
  • Subsidiarity analysis
  • Intervention logic Impact assessment
  • Monitoring and indicators
  • Quantification and monetisation
  • Evaluation in the Commission
  • Strategic foresight
  • Political thinking
  • Policy by design
  • Public access to Commission documents
  • Citizen engagement
  • Equality mainstreaming
DG Human Resources

  • The European Semester
  • Introduction to microeconomics
  • Introduction to macroeconomics
  • Behavioural insights and policy-making
  • The global financial crisis
  • The EU sovereign debt crisis

DG Joint Research Centre

  • The role of DG JRC in EU decision-making
  • Economics for non-economists

DG Research and Innovation

  • Economics for non-economists

DG Trade

  • WTO and international law

DG Interpretation (SCIC)

  • Asylum and migration policy
  • Justice and cyberspace
  • The harmonised VAT system
  • Company law
  • The banking union
  • EU policies and EP powers
  • EU law for non-lawyers
  • Economics for everyone
  • Drafting legislation
  • Working with legislative amendments
  • EP Rules of Procedure
  • Legislative procedures
  • Delegating and implementing acts
  • EU decision-making in the budgetary field
  • EU environmental law
  • Economic governance in the EU
  • External action and the EP
  • Citizenship of the EU
  • Rule of law
  • Judicial cooperation in criminal matters
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data protection
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • EU institutions and legal acts
  • EU law for non-lawyers
  • Delegated and implementing acts
  • EU financial services
  • Better Stats, Better Policy
  • Political thinking
  • Writing effective policy briefings
  • Delivering better oral briefings
  • Strategic foresight and scenario planning
  • Smart policy thinking
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion

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