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Our library offers a repository of studies and reports on CAF published over the last 20 years.

The importance of CAF has been demonstrated in various research studies. For example, in the European public administration country reports (EUPACK) and the “Toolkit for Quality of Public Administration”, both carried out by the European Commission with the support of EIPA. More recently, the research study conducted by the OECD “Strengthening the resilience of public administration after the COVID19 crisis with CAF 2020”, proves the popularity and usefulness of the CAF model for CAF users, including during the COVID-19 crisis. The study will be soon available and provided on this page.

The various research studies we collect in our library prove that the use of CAF contributes to reforms in public administration and improves the performance of public sector organisations. Furthermore, studies of CAF users conducted under the different presidencies show the impact of CAF in improving services and increasing customer satisfaction.
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