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The CAF Education shares knowledge on countries’ practices by evaluating the performance of public services from the perspective of citizens. The use of such data enhances decision-making processes in relation to the design and delivery of services that meet citizens’ needs. The upcoming version of CAF Education will serve multiple purposes, including a review of countries’ experiences with performance measurement and management, a revision of the Serving Citizens Framework and further guidance on indicators to measure citizen-centred service design.

With the CAF Education Concept, we measure the performance of public services in education from a citizen-centred perspective. The framework considers the three main dimensions of access, responsiveness and quality, as well as citizen satisfaction. Access is the ability to obtain an appropriate service when needed . Responsiveness refers to how quickly and well public organisations respond to people’s expectations, considering the needs, preferences, perspective and dignity of individuals who use them, without undue delay. Finally, quality refers to the extent to which services increase the likelihood of desired outcomes and are consistent with current expertise

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