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We have celebrated the 20th anniversary of CAF and are now at the perfect moment to evaluate the model and take a look ahead at our challenges. CAF has proven to help organisations overcome uncertainty. At our centre, we support the public sector on the journey towards excellence through training, research, and consultancy.

The core of CAF2020 is a questionnaire with 200 examples of self-assessment for public organisations. The aim is to initiate a continuous self-evaluation process with the participation of all members of the organisation, and to create the conditions for efficient and high-quality public services. Think: “Change it – CAF it.” Leaders, together with their staff, improve their organisation based on common European principles and values of public management and administration.

The United Nations Development Programme and representatives of the World Bank evaluated the tool positively after learning about it. More importantly, regular use of the tool helps to understand the impact on performance and overall efficiency of the public sector.

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