ESPA 2017 - 4 EIPA

Preparing Member States for the Presidency of the Council of the EU

EIPA has been assisting rotating presidencies for over 20 years by building up the knowledge of public officials and politicians on the practice of EU policy processes and the skills necessary for the successful management of the Presidency. We provide both comprehensive “á la carte” training (targeting essential competences) and  tailor- made large-scale training programmes with a variety of modules, so that every official involved in the rotating presidency benefits directly and individually from a distinct and recognised active learning method.

At present, we are preparing the Slovenian public administration for the 2021 Slovenian Presidency.

Since 2010, we provided Presidency trainings for the following EU Member States:

Year of rotating Presidency EU member state Beneficiary institution
2021 Slovenia Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration
2018 Bulgaria Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration (IPA)
2017 Estonia Diplomatic Academy
2017 Malta Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change
2016 Slovakia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Diplomatic Academy)

Ministry of Finance

2015 Luxembourg National Institute of Public Administration
2015 Latvia

Secretariat of the Presidency: Inter-ministerial programme

Latvian Permanent Representation

2014 Greece Diplomatic Academy
2013 Ireland Central Bank of Ireland
2012 Cyprus Office of the Presidency
2012 Dennmark

Permanent Representation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry

2011 Poland

Office of the Committee for European Integration (UKIE):

Inter-ministerial programmeMinistry of Foreign Affairs

2011 Hungary Foreign Affairs Ministry: Inter-ministerial programme
2010 Belgium

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Federal level

Region of Flanders: inter-ministerial

Brussels Region