New training: CAF 2020 and its Relationship with other Management and Quality Tools


On 13-15 June the CAF Resource Center of EIPA conducts a training course for public officials who are involved in the introduction and/or implementation of quality management tools in their respective organisations.

The three-day training course will provide deeper insights into the CAF 2020 quality models and share know-how of how to best implement it in your organisation. Upon completion of this training participants will:

  • gain a deeper insight into the details of the content of the CAF 2020 quality model and the particularities of its implementation;
  • find solutions for the specific problems and challenges encountered during their CAF implementations, guaranteeing greater success in the future;
  • learn about the success and failure factors;
  • contribute to the learning experience of other CAF users;
  • have a greater appreciation of the added value of the Process on External Feedback and the CAF Effective User Label.

This training is of particular relevance for those who are already knowledgeable on CAF (such as members of national CAF resource networks, certified CAF trainers and CAF external evaluators) and who want to acquire a specialised and practical understanding of CAF 2020.

View the agenda and register here.

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