Meet the EPSA 2021 Projects at the Jury Meeting This Week!


EPSA 2021 Jury Meetings

The EPSA 2021 jury members are gathering on 11 and 15 October for the final evaluation of the projects submitted for the European Public Sector Award 2021. To learn more about the solutions for public administration challenges in the green, digital and innovation categories, follow our live-streamed session on 15 October here and re-watch the past session from 11 October here.

Under the overarching theme ‘Building a Better Europe for Citizens’, EPSA 2021 aims to showcase and reward cases submitted by public administrations. These are new solutions that have been found in public service delivery and policymaking for the increasingly complex, difficult to address and often multidimensional challenges faced by the public sector in Europe.

The European Public Sector Award is an exceptional opportunity to learn from each other and to recognise the role that public administrations across Europe are playing to build a more green, digital and innovative society – Isane Aparicio, Business Development Director of EIPA and chair of the jury for EPSA 2021.

The Jury Members

In total, 129 applications have been submitted this year and 18 projects have been preselected to be presented to the jury members, consisting of five experts. Marco Daglio, Head of the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation at the OECD, has 10+ years’ experience in innovation management and public sector reform in various functions at the OECD Public Governance Directorate. Dimitra Ioannou is a sociologist and planner, working as public administration consultant and policy adviser. Since 2016 she has been based in Athens, coordinating the implementation of DG REFORM technical support actions by Expertise France. Paul Hart is Professor of Public Administration at Utrecht University and Associate Dean of the Netherlands School of Public Administration in The Hague. Michael Burnett, EPSA Project Manager 2019 and co-leader 2009–19, recently judged at the 2021 Irish National Procurement Awards. The jury is chaired by Isane Aparicio, Business Development Director of EIPA.

The three best projects in the three categories – innovation, green and digital – will be announced during the upcoming award ceremony on 29 November 2021.

About EPSA
EPSA – the European Public Sector Awards – is a Europe-wide award scheme for public sector entities at all levels of government, which has been organised every two years since 2009 by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA). More than 1500 projects have been submitted to EPSA, EU institutions and agencies, and international organisations in the course of the past few years. For all European public administrations, EPSA has generated highly valuable know-how and vital results that can be used for the benefit of providing innovative solutions and learning opportunities.