EuroMed Justice – 2nd EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General


Agreement on General Rules for the Organisation of the Forum for Prosecutors General from Europe and South Mediterranean countries on international judicial matters.

On 31 January 2019 in the Hague, Prosecutors General from Europe and South Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia) have agreed on the “General Rules for the Organisation of the Forum” for Prosecutors General from EU Member States and Southern Mediterranean countries. This document sets out the main objectives and principles of collaboration, communication and continuation of the Forum with the aim of improving the international judicial cooperation between the participating countries.

The agreement on these General Rules for cross-regional collaboration in the two regions was reached within the framework of a programme financed by the European Commission for cooperation between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean countries, EuroMed Justice.

EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General

The foundation for these important General Rules were laid down during the 1st EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General held in Madrid in January 2018. Throughout 2018, the EuroMed Justice Group of Experts in criminal matters (CrimEx) further discussed and coordinated the partners’ opinions regarding the modalities to establish an effective high-level platform of cooperation, thus paving the way for the 2nd meeting of the Forum.

In addition to agreeing on the said General Rules, this 2nd Forum, which has been promoted by Eurojust and hosted at its Headquarters in the Hague, has allowed the Prosecutors General from EU Member States and South Partner Countries to share experiences and best practices on relevant cross-regional issues affecting the work of the prosecutorial authorities as well as thematic priorities identified in the EuroMed Justice Area including:

  • cybercrime and judicial cooperation in criminal matters;
  • personal data protection;
  • cooperation with third 3rd countries and in Joint Investigations Teams; and
  • countering terrorism and organised crime, in particular smuggling of illegal migrants and trafficking in human beings and drugs in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

With the agreement on the General Rules, this 2nd EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General has demonstrated the participating parties’ commitment to support and sustain a platform, which continues the building of cross-regional trust, confidence, mutual understanding and judicial cooperation.

This process commenced during previous EuroMed Justice projects and has now achieved the support at the highest levels in all the participating countries. These are all crucial components of effective judicial cooperation on counter-terrorism and serious organised crime.

Implemented by EIPA and EU-funded project

The EuroMed Justice (EMJ) programme was originally launched in 1996 pursuant to a proposal by the former director of EIPA’s Antenna in Barcelona and funded by the European Commission.

The first three EMJ projects were implemented under the leadership of EIPA. The current EuroMed Justice IV project (2016-2019) is also an EU-funded project, which aims to contribute to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of cooperation in the field of justice and to the development of effective, efficient and democratic justice systems which protect and promote human rights. It is managed by a consortium led by the Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Publicas – FIIAPP (Spain) with its partners EIPA, the Centre for International Legal Cooperation – CILC (the Netherlands), and Justice Coopération Internationale – JCI (France).

The EMJ IV Project Management Team is hosted by EIPA Barcelona and Mr. Virgil Ivan-Cucu is seconded to the project as the Key Expert for Capacity Building.

More information and interviews related to the EuroMed Justice IV project or EIPA? Please contact Peter Goldschmidt Director of the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA’s Centre in Luxembourg.


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