Our location at Maastricht

EIPA Maastricht, Headquarters


Maastricht: A modern, international city steeped in European history

Maastricht is a city that played a strategic role in the history of Europe since 500 B.C, a city where the European Union treaty was signed, over 25 years ago. And a city that is today bustling with international people and students from all over the world, aspiring to reach the next level in their career. Maastricht is thus the perfect location for the headquarters of EIPA, which continues to consistently support the European Union objectives in learning and development. Most of EIPA’s activities, including courses, research, and consultancy, are based in Maastricht.

Our training centre in the city is located in the historic Jeker Quarter area, a 5 minutes walk from the Maas river. It is surrounded by monumental buildings, and a wide range of cosy pubs, diners and restaurants to choose from. So on one hand you can immerse yourself in learning sessions and practical exercises in the quietness of the EIPA building. And after a full day of hard work, you can easily relax with a stroll along the Maasboulevard promenade, explore one of the many historical spots in the city, or soak in the lively ambience of the city centre, surrounded by people from all over the world.

At EIPA we firmly believe that learning is more enhanced with exchange. So while attending a course in EIPA, you will also get ample opportunities to share a meal or drink with your fellow students from all over Europe, to make new connections and expand your network, in the charming setting of this vibrant city.

Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein 22 | 6211 HE Maastricht
+31 43 32 96 222 | info@eipa.eu


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EIPA Luxembourg
European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL)


Luxembourg: The small, yet strategic centre of Europe

The Court of Justice of the European Union is based in Luxembourg. So as a leading European city, with a strategic location landlocked by Germany, France & Belgium, Luxembourg City was a natural choice as a second home for EIPA, especially for its law-based courses.

In 1992, EIPA founded its 2nd centre, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, in Luxembourg, and since then, the centre has been a hub of European judicial expertise and network.

You will find a good mix of the ancient and modern in Luxembourg, with the spirit of the city imbibed in the museums, theatres, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

EIPA's location at Luxembourg
EIPA's location at Barcelona

EIPA Barcelona

Barcelona: Your learning experience in a spirited Mediterranean city

More than twenty years ago, in 1996, EIPA established its ‘Antenna’ in Barcelona, with the support of the Government of Catalonia. Since 2014, the Province and the City of Barcelona adhere to the institutional backing of the Centre.

EIPA Barcelona offers its services to all levels of government with a special focus on regional policy and the role of the regions and cities in the EU. With our seminars you will gain insights into how to place your country, region or city in the European landscape and contribute to its growth. Our offer includes tailor-made training, coaching, consultancy, research and study visits. In addition, EIPA Barcelona has long-standing experience in carrying out Euro-Mediterranean projects, such as the current projects.

EuroMed Justice IV projects

When you come for a course to our EIPA centre in Barcelona, you are sure to get drawn in to the spirit and passion of the Mediterranean hospitality and creativity, which is hardly upheld by any other city as perfectly as this one.

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