EIPA research on 'New Work “after” Covid-19' published in the European Public Mosaic


EIPA expert Beatrix Behrens, together with Professor Lutz Bellmann, professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, has contributed an article on work-life after the pandemic, ‘New Work. The new normal “after” COVID-19’, to the European Public Mosaic (EPuM). Open Journal on Public Service of the Public Administration School of Catalonia.
The EPuM aims to contribute to the international debate on the management of public services and innovation in public administration and is targeted towards public sector professionals. This latest issue has been dedicated to teleworking, and the global expansion thereof as a result of the inevitable changes brought on by COVID-19.

Public administration is currently confronted with challenges concerning diversity, demography, and digitisation and needs to be proactive towards these demands and the COVID-19 crisis. Managing competencies, corporate health, and employee engagement promote individual employability in every phase of life. Work 4.0 is characterised by autonomy as far as possible, self-organisation, and well-being in the workplace in general, so that private life and work are combined. HR managers need to contribute to value creation and overall strategies to shape the future, and to manage change successfully. Digital skills are about much more than using IT applications. In addition, green skills should match needs in the area. A big step towards a mobile world of work has been taken during the pandemic, and cultural change has begun…read more.

Dr Beatrix Behrens specialises in human resources management, specifically in ‘New Work’, the impact of the pandemic on work-life, and the ageing workforce and their importance. She is also a Division Manager for Organisation Management at the Academy of the German Federal Employment Agency.  Beatrix Behrens regularly publishes on New Work and holds activities at EIPA.

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