CEDEO Certification Confirms EIPA’s High Customer Satisfaction


What distinguishes EIPA’s courses from others are their high level of academic expertise combined with a strong focus on day-to-day practice”.

cedeo accreditationEIPA has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence, achieving a remarkably high overall satisfaction rate in its latest CEDEO certification. This marks the fifth consecutive time EIPA has been accredited by CEDEO, the Dutch independent certifying body for providers of training courses and other HR services.

To assess customer satisfaction, CEDEO conducted comprehensive surveys on EIPA’s contractual activities and open enrolment courses. The results revealed an impressive 98% satisfaction rate for contractual activities and 96% for open courses.

EIPA’s CEDEO accreditation for both tailor-made and open course offerings reaffirms the high quality of our services. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, CEDEO evaluates quality, consistency, and customer orientation through periodic customer satisfaction surveys. To maintain certification, providers must demonstrate that more than 85% of their clients are satisfied with the services delivered.

Expectations were fully met. This applies to both the level of the training and the clarity, depth and balance between theory and practice. The training courses were precisely tailored to our wishes and needs, making them much more effective than standard training courses”.

Various indicators were evaluated to gain a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ perspectives on our services. These indicators included the preparation stage, the study programme, implementation, organisation and administration, and client relationship management.

One client remarked, “The trainers were excellent, their knowledge was impressive. They know exactly what is important to us, which makes the training much more effective.” Another commented, “The examples were really good, making everything lively and practical. This made me understand the importance and the link with my daily work.”

The training courses were precisely tailored to our wishes and needs, making them much more effective than standard training courses. Our employees can apply what they have learned directly or indirectly in their work.”

If your organisation has specific training needs, you can create a customised course by building on the core modules of our existing courses and e-learning models. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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