CAF Working Group meets in Brussels


We are pleased to announce that the programme of the upcoming onsite CAF National Correspondents’ meeting in Brussels on 23 and 24 of June, is ready and we are all very much looking forward to meeting you in person there. The CAF Working Group meeting ‘Lessons learned after the Covid pandemic: Being fit for upcoming crises’ will gather numerous CAF National Correspondents and experts, as well as representatives of 12 countries involved in the research study. Day one is organised by the European CAF RC and the CAF national correspondent from Belgium, while the second day is organised by the OECD with the support of the European Commission and Belgium. Furthermore, representatives of the European Commission and officials at FPS BOSA will join us for two days. The event will give the CAF community an opportunity to see each other in person for the first time in two years.

During this gathering, the first day will be devoted to the CAF network last news and plans. We’ll hear about the Belgian CAF case and learn how the tool delivers change and manages transformation in the Belgium administration. It will include the future challenges for the model embedding in the twenty-first century global priorities, and insights from the European Commission.

We’ll receive updates on ongoing projects such as Strengthening the Resilience of Public Administrations after the Covid-19 crisis with CAF 2020 and the CAF Education Revision. On this last one, a working lunch will take place for the working group on education to fine-tune final changes and achievements.

We will have an overview of the works of past and upcoming Presidencies of the Council of the EU on quality, and we will open opportunities for debate among the participants. We will close the meeting with a presentation about the impact of artificial intelligence on the Belgium federal administration, followed by a visit to the National Belgian office for unemployment.

The second day will be dedicated to the OECD workshop ‘Preparing and driving public sector organisations for crises: strategy, planning and innovation’ in the context of the project Strengthening the resilience of public administration after the Covid-19 crisis with CAF 2020.

The project started with a survey of CAF users that identified the biggest trends and challenges related to the management of the Covid-19 crisis. The second phase of the project further analysed 12 concrete cases of CAF users, in 12 countries, to identify the most innovative practices in handling the pandemic, which can be shared across organisations. The project is now entering in its third phase. This will be the first of three deep-dive workshops and will focus on how public sector organisations prepared and managed the crisis and its effects, looking at crisis preparedness, strategic plans and adaptation, and the capacity to innovate during the crisis.

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