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A Practical Guide on EU Law for Local Governments: Responding to EU Legal, Institutional and Jurisdictional Challenges to Sub-State Entities

This highly practical course will aim to transfer to its participants the practical skills required to voice and represent the interest of local governments in the process of adopting EU legal acts. The course will equip them with the know-how necessary to ensure their correct legal absorption and administrative application once the acts are approved.
20 Oct 2022 - 21 Oct 2022
Luxembourg (LU) & Online

Everything You Wanted to Know About the European Green Deal 2021–2027

What is the EU Green Deal and how does it work? How can projects be financed under the Green Deal and its Just Transition Fund, RRF and MFF? This course provides a comprehensive overview of the main features of the Green Deal and what it entails in terms of policies, legislation and funding: all you ever wanted to know about the Green Deal and EU funding is here!
7 Nov 2022 - 10 Nov 2022
European Green DealLaw

Introduction to EU Asylum and Migration Law

This course will explain the challenges of policy formulation and regulation of asylum matters and address the EU’s difficulties in responding to the large-scale movements of 2015–2016, as well as its approach to tackling the recent Ukrainian refugee crisis. A look at the New Pact on Migration and Asylum will reveal if it can serve as a new start.
8 Nov 2022 - 9 Nov 2022
Luxembourg (LU) & Online

European Union Civil Service Law

The aim of the conference is to inform participants about recent developments in the case law of the General Court and to look in more detail at specific issues regarding civil service litigation in the EU, including those which are currently on the agenda; and to provide scope for a debate and a critical assessment of this case law among the key actors concerned.
24 Nov 2022 - 25 Nov 2022
Luxembourg (LU)

Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the EU

The purpose of this annual event is to review and comment on a number of key judicial decisions issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) during the past 12 months. These judicial decisions offer a first-time interpretation on certain EU legal instruments, give a new meaning to existing legal rules, or they adapt or re-examine past jurisprudence.
1 Dec 2022 - 2 Dec 2022
Luxembourg (LU) & Online