Frequently Asked Questions


If I have registered for a course, does that mean that the course is confirmed?

Your online registration does not mean the course is confirmed. We will confirm the course as soon as we receive sufficient number of registrations, and send you an email with the confirmation.

Can the registration deadline be extended?

Once a course is confirmed with a certain number of participants, if there is a possibility to accommodate more, in certain cases, the registration deadline can be extended.

When do I receive additional information about my participation?

After you complete the online registration for a course, you will receive an email notification with the confirmation of your registration. After the course is confirmed, you will receive additional information about your participation and preparation for the course.

I have not yet received a confirmation about my registration. What should I do now?

If you have registered online but not received an email confirmation about the same, please contact us through the contact form with your name, institution, the course you registered for, and the date of registration.

Do I have to pay the course fee during the registration procedure?

Immediate payment is not required. Please select the preferred mode of payment when you register online (bank transfer or credit card). After the confirmation of the course, you will receive the invoice and payment information via email.

How can I modify my registration or personal information?

After the registration, you will receive an email notification confirming your registration, including our contact details. You can then get in touch with EIPA for amendment of your registration or personal information or you can also log in to your online account to do so.


What are the available discounts?

EIPA offers a discount to all civil servants working for one of EIPA’s supporting countries, and to civil servants working for an EU institution, body or agency. Please read below for the supporting countries of EIPA. For all other participants, the regular fee applies.

For how long is the early bird discount valid?

The early bird price is valid for all registrations received before the indicated early bird discount deadline per course.

Is it possible to extend the expiry date of the early bird discount?

It is not possible to extend the expiry date of the early bird discount.

I am a civil servant from a country that is not supporting EIPA, am I entitled to a discount?

No, you are not entitled. However, you might still receive other discounts such as the early bird discount.

I am a civil servant from outside Europe, am I entitled to a discount?

No, you are not entitled. However, you still are entitled to receive other discounts such as the early bird discount.

Who are the supporting countries of EIPA?

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

I am a civil servant from a supporting country of EIPA. Am I entitled to both a discount, and an early bird discount, if applicable?

Yes, you can get both discounts. As a civil servant from a supporting country of EIPA you are always entitled to a discount. If you are in time for the early bird discount you will receive it on top of the discount.

We have a group of people at my organisation that would like to participate for a course. Is there a group discount?

You can contact us via the contact form. We also offer tailor-made courses for specific requests.


When do I have to make the payment for the course?

The payment needs to be made at least 2 weeks before the course date. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

When will I get an invoice?

As soon as we have confirmed the course and your participation, you will receive the invoice by email.

Where can I find your bank details to make the payment?

You will find our bank details on the invoice that you will receive from us by email.

Is the course fee inclusive of VAT?

The course fee shall be exclusive of and not subject to VAT.

Can I receive the invoice via post?

We usually send you the original invoice by email. If you need to receive a hard copy by post as well, please contact us and we will send it to you.

Is it possible to pay after the course takes place?

Our general terms and conditions require the payment to be made prior to the course.

Can I also pay the fee on the first day of the course?

In special cases, it is possible to pay on the first day of the course. Please contact us for further details.


How can I cancel a registration?

After registration you will receive an email notification confirming your registration. In that email you will find a contact address to which you can reply in case you need to cancel your registration.

For administrative reasons you will be charged €150 for cancellations received within 15 days before the course begins. If you are unable to attend the course after having made the payment, you also have the option to find a suitable substitute participant to take your place. There will be no charges in this case.

Can EIPA cancel a course?

EIPA reserves the right to cancel a course up to two weeks before the starting date. In that case, registration fees received will be fully reimbursed. However, EIPA accepts no responsibility for any other payment made or costs incurred (travel, accommodation, etc.).


Can the experts of a course change?

The mention of an expert’s name in the programme does not commit EIPA to that particular expert. In the event that an announced expert does not appear, EIPA will do its best to find a suitable replacement.

What does the course fee cover?

The fee includes documentation, coffee breaks/refreshments, a certificate of attendance, plus lunch(es) and reception/dinner (s) when indicated. Accommodation and travel costs are at the expense of the participants or their administration.

Will I receive a certificate if I attend a course?

By the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance. For some courses, an optional exam is included. If you pass this exam you will receive an additional certificate.

What if a course is fully booked?

The number of places for participants is limited in most courses. Unless stated differently, registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. If a course is fully booked, your name can be placed on a waiting-list. You will then be informed if a spot becomes free before the start of the course.  Otherwise, if a course is organised regularly, you can register for the next available course date.

Are all courses conducted in English?

Most of our courses are in English. However, we also offer courses in German, French and Spanish on a regular basis. For groups, we offer tailor-made courses in languages of their choice. There is also the option for simultaneous translation during a course, in case this is requested by a sufficient number of participants.

Do I need to prepare something in advance for the course?

In case preparation is required, the course description will indicate so and the details will be sent to you before the course.

Will I receive (digital) course documentation?

We aim to make all activities as paperless as possible. Therefore, you will receive a tablet with all the material on it for use during the course. You can make notes on these documents and access it afterwards via a cloud system. You are also free to print these material at home, if desired.