CAF at the UniBo. Person and Organisation: a balance between opportunities and bonds

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2010

Alma Mater Studiorum’s Human Resources System is based on job equity, job safety and security and job development.
The Human Resources development relies on important and strong relations between organisational and professional development. This system promotes the realisation of:
– actions oriented versus personnel needs;
– actions to improve services and to redefine organisational patterns and frames;
– actions oriented to professional development and professional profiles design for key competencies and core activities (job professional system);
– actions oriented to value individual talents (through diversity management) and organisation citizenship behaviours.

The Highlights of Alma Mater Studiorum’s HR System are the interaction and linkage between these actions in order to build a coherent action model by using a responsive approach according to stakeholder needs and sense making.
The evidences of this model are: free cultural training (i.e.: free enrolment in University courses), staff training (i.e.: Lifelong learning Programme – Erasmus Mundus), economic and psycho-social background surveys in order to improve Management decisional ability with regard to motivation and work satisfaction; planning and creation of professional development systems and of careers with particular reference to the organisational evaluation of the different professionalities, of the organisational positions and of the capabilities; planning and creation of technical training system of the staff; organisational guidelines, coaching.

Alma Mater Studiorum’s HR System is evaluated trough reporting system, benchmarking with Public Administrations, self evaluation system (i.e.: CAF), economic and psycho-social background surveys.
The improvement of this model is focused on using stakeholder’s feedback, Plan – do – check – act methodology (PDCA) supported by scientific experts and promoting internal professional network.

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Written by: Mrs Barbara Neri
of Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Italy

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