EIPA finalises study on the Gender Gap in the EU’s Public Employment and Leadership for the EP


At the request of the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, EIPA has completed a study on the Gender Gap in the EU’s Public Employment and Leadership.
The study provides a preliminary mapping of the situation of the gender gap in EU and Member States’ public administration and public sector and reflects on which factors hinder women’s entry and career progression in the public sector and sphere.
In the second chapter, readers can find extensive and detailed references to international and legal instruments for anti-discrimination and gender equality. The study also maps best practices for the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities in the Member States, based on the desk-research of legislative and policy documents and extensive input by civil servants.
The research zooms in on the human resource management practices that contribute to equal opportunities and problematise some social policies, which can constitute a challenge for women’s active participation and contribution to the public sector and sphere.
Finally, the concluding chapter provides an overview of two current challenges: the inclusion of a gender dimension in the implementation of the EU Recovery Plan and the design and deployment of gender-sensitive artificial intelligence.

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