The European CAF Users Event in Prague


Organised on the 19 October by the Czech Presidency with the support of the European CAF Resource Centre, the CAF Users Event 2022 gathered the CAF community in Prague. The speakers offered unique insights into practical matters of the CAF aspects, enabling the participants to join a vivid discussion and to reflect on possible follow-up actions.

Among other speakers Michał Czudek, Ministry of the Interior of Czech Republic, presented insights on the current state of the implementation of quality management systems in the central state administration. His colleagues Lenka Švejdarová and Hana Zelenková continued with the presentation focusing on the topic of support of quality management in municipal and regional offices, and quality awards. Jitka Boušková, Head of Office, Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic presented ‘Czech Healthy Cities – Supporting Quality and Strategic Management at Local Level’. Additionally, a report on the current state of public administration innovations in the Czech Republic was presented by Miroslav Jurásek, from the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Tihana Puzić, the CAF Expert on behalf of the European CAF Resource Centre, presented the major developments in 2022:

  • EU CAF RC website updated;
  • Speak-Up – the CAF newsletter;
  • CAF database – published and fully in line with GDPR;
  • CAF network meetings;
  • PEF in revision – the upcoming work;
  • CAF in education – the magic from the working group;
  • CAF e-Tool: upcoming development;
  • CAF training in Maastricht: ‘CAF 2020 and its Relationship with other Management and Quality Tools’ (June 2022) and ‘CAF 2020 TQM Framework: a Tool for Revamping Public Administrations in the Post-Covid Era’ (December 2022);
  • Strengthening of the EU CAF RC with additional CAF expertise, IT and communication talents.



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