Presenting the new CAF2020


Presenting the new CAF2020

The network of CAF Correspondents approved the new CAF 2020 during their last meeting in Helsinki

On 1–2 October the network of CAF Correspondents met in Helsinki to complete the work towards the new version of the CAF model, the CAF2020. Thomas Prorok and Fabrizio Rossi from the EU CAF Resource Centre, situated at EIPA’s headquarters in Maastricht, presented the new version of the model to the network of CAF Correspondents. The new version has been approved and, apart from minor changes to the introduction and general acknowledgements, CAF2020 will be presented at the EUPAN DG meeting at the end of November.
The road towards CAF2020 began at the end of 2017, when the network of CAF Correspondents decided to start working on an updated version of the model that would serve public sector organisations in the third decade of the twenty-first century. The CAF Correspondents – coordinated by EIPA and by a unanimously chosen core group of CAF experts – have been working together for over a year. In addition, steps have been taken over the past two and a half years through working group meetings in the following countries:

  • Estonia (2017)
  • Bulgaria (2018)
  • Belgium (2018)
  • Austria (2018)
  • Romania (2019)
  • Finnland (2019)
  • Italy (2019)

As usually happens during the CAF network meetings, the CAF Correspondents presented the use of CAF in their own countries. The overall use of the model in public administrations and ministries shows how CAF is becoming increasingly more fundamental at the national, regional and local level. In order to promote the use of the model, the CAF Correspondents implement online platforms to share good practices and keep citizens informed of any upcoming event. Moreover, the Croatian CAF Correspondent introduced the main events of the upcoming Presidency of the EU which will be hosted by Croatia. In fact, the CAF Correspondents will be meeting again in April 2020 in Zagreb, where the discussions will shift towards the better ways to promote and advertise the CAF2020.
EIPA’s CAF Resource Centre will be organising open seminars on CAF2020 at their headquarters in Maastricht during the upcoming months. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated of these and related events.


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