Opening Academic Year MELS Online


The inaugural weekend of the 2nd academic year of the Master of European Legal Studies (MELS Online) took place from 25 to 27 September. As a consequence of this year’s turbulences, the MELS Online entered a new phase of a hybrid teaching methodology. For half the students, it is still a blended learning experience and, at the same time, a fully online study programme for the other half of the learners.

About the MELS

In partnership with the Université de Lorraine, EIPA Luxembourg is offering a truly international Master programme that provides a comprehensive understanding of European law. The programme follows an innovative teaching methodology: a combination of face-to-face lectures with online tutorials and distance learning via an online Campus.
The current class of MELS 2019 – 2021 started in September 2019 and will be finished in September 2021. The group started with 23 students from all over Europe: they represent 13 Member States of the European Union and 4 potential candidates and candidate countries. The later four benefit from a scholarship funded by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg.

Successful transformation of academic weekends into webinars

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the three academic weekends of the 1st academic year (March, April and May 2020) were rapidly transformed into a string of webinars. This enabeled all students to follow their lectures from home. Similarly, the exams also took place online, following good practices to assure the academic integrity of the programme.
Traditionally, the academic weekends were organised as a face-to-face learning experience taking place in the premises of EIPA Luxembourg.

New hybrid teaching methodology

After the summer break and in line with the relaxation of restrictions, the MELS Online resumed in a new, innovative format.
Eight students took part in the classes in the seminar facilities of EIPA Luxembourg (in line with the applicable regulations e.g. the socially distancing measures). At the same time, the classes were broadcasted in real time through video conferencing software to the other 13 students, who were residing all over Europe.
One major advantage of this solution is that the students following the webinar version indirectly benefit from the real time lecture experience created by direct interaction between the faculty members and the students present in the seminar room.
This experience may be turned to the positive and drawn upon in the shaping of the future promotions of the MELS Online, as well as other EIPA activities in the coming period.
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