More Court Staff Are Willing to Engage in Transnational Training


The newly published EIPA study on the EU law training needs reveals that more court staff across the EU receive targeted professional training, thus improving their professional skills. The numbers have significantly increased since 2014, according to the study carried out in a consortium led by EJTN in collaboration with EIPA expert Clara Cotroneo.
A positive development is also observed in the range and diversification of methodologies used for such training, and the willingness of court staff to engage in transnational training. The current study stresses that incorporating trainers from a wide range of professional backgrounds represents a very positive approach by training providers. It reflects the diversity of tasks and functions for which staff as a whole are responsible, and this should be further encouraged.
A number of conclusions presented in the study should be adopted in full as they provide recommendations for tested methodology for the effective delivery of cross-border and transnational court staff training in areas of EU law in which there is a common interest.
The study carried out for the European Commission shares a full and comprehensive analysis of the EU law training needs of the entire court staff of the European Union. It also provides a detailed assessment of how these needs are (or are not) being met in 2021.

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