Fourth consecutive Cedeo certification for EIPA


EIPA is accredited by Cedeo for the fourth time in a row, receiving an overall satisfaction rate of 98%.

cedeo accreditation

EIPA has been awarded the Cedeo accreditation for both our tailor-made and open course offerings after passing the strict customer satisfaction evaluation by Cedeo, the Dutch independent certification authority for providers of training courses.

There is an overwhelming offer available to those who are in the position of paying for education, programmes or training. To help make a decision more easily, people with a need for training can limit their selection to Cedeo-recognised providers. As a result, they are certain that at least 80% of their clients are “content to extremely happy” with the delivered service. They can also be assured that these assessments are up-to-date as providers must successfully conduct a fresh customer satisfaction survey every two years in order to maintain their Cedeo Certification.

The accreditation validifies EIPA’s promise of high quality, high level of trainers and excellent price-quality ratio.

With an overall satisfaction rate of 98%, EIPA was revealed to have a high degree of satisfaction amongst the total number of reviewers. They were satisfied with the overall programmes and the training they followed. This was due, amongst other things, to how smoothly the entire process ran. The reviewers reported that EIPA’s offer closely matches the wishes and learning needs of their organisation.


“We tell them what we want and they respond with an offer, which we then fine-tune together. I think this is a great way to go about it.”


A high number of all reviewers gave EIPA the highest possible score of ‘extremely satisfied’ when it came to the implementation of our programmes. The interviewed respondents were particularly enthusiastic about the extent to which the training courses were linked to practice:


“In our domain, it is very important to keep up to date with new developments. EIPA has the required expertise and is also able to combine this knowledge with situations that are familiar to us. This makes the training course far more interesting than if dealt with abstract, less recognisable cases.”


Finally, all interviewees concluded that they would recommend EIPA as a training institute to other people.


“If we require a similar course or programme again, we will definitely be talking to EIPA.”


If your organisation or institute has a specific training need, you can create your own course by building on the core modules of our existing courses and e-learning models. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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