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A conference and training on data protection will be held on 13 and 14 October, organized by EIPA in conjunction with organizations: the Solicitadores Enforcement Agents National Association Portuguese public law association (OSAE), the Ecole de Formation des Barreaux du ressort de la Cour d’appel de Paris (EFB), The Fondazione Scuola Forense Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (SF), The European Union of Enforcement Agents (UEHJ), and The European Bailiffs’ Foundation (EUBF), as part of the European FILIT project.

The fundamentals of the GDPR as well as the proposed Regulation on AI and its implications for data protection will be covered in the conference on Thursday 13 October.

The data protection course, given the day after by our data protection expert Florina Pop, is hoping to educate and enhance participant knowledge on the application of EU law in the area of data protection law and to encourage communication among judicial trainers from various national backgrounds:


Integrity and confidentiality of personal data are not only a core data protection principle organisations must live by, but in a time of tremendous technological development, data security should be central for all entities to protect their assets, critial infrastructure and systems. The training will not only help improve the implementation of the data protection framework, but it will also raise awareness of legislation, jurisprudence and foster dialogue between judicial experts of different national backgrounds while strenghtening cross-border cooperation.


The conference will also feature a panel on the best practices of the GDPR throughout the different Member States. Both the conference and training will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.


Previous editions 

On 8 and 9 June EIPA organized a similar workshop in Rome within the frame of the European FILIT project.

A practical training was delivered on parental judgement enforcement. The course included a mock court where participants were asked to deal with issues related to the judicial enforcement of parental responsibility by solving a preliminary question from a national court.

Before that, on 17 February, EIPA helped organise a training course aimed at acquiring knowledge on the recast of the European regulations “taking evidence” and “notification”. This training was intended for both bailiffs and lawyers, thus allowing exchanges on the professional practices between these two professions.


If you are interested in learning more about data protection or artificial intelligence, EIPA offers a broad selection of courses related to these topics as well as the option to receive a tailor-made course fit for your or your organization’s needs.


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