EU Presidency Challenges: Making Things Work in Your Turn in the Chair


The success of a Rotating Council Presidency relies heavily on its ability to ensure momentum and achieving results. The Presidency must deliver results within complex formal and informal procedures of negotiation, as well as elaborate cross-cultural and interpersonal communication.

From 30 August to 1 September 2022 EIPA organised a seminar around a comprehensive understanding of the main EU decision-making processes from the Presidency’s perspective as well as the practical aspects of preparing agendas, chairing meetings, leading deliberations and negotiations, both within the Council and with the European Parliament in Göteborg (Sweden).


How did it help participants? 

This seminar covered the strategic, logistical, procedural, and practical aspects of these challenges and the action steps required to successfully manage them.

It also aimed to contribute to an exchange of practices and foster connections between different Presidencies. The seminar was highly interactive and combined simulation exercises, workshops, case studies and presentations.

The seminar also discusses the relationship between the Presidency and the institutions, whilst providing a forum for debate on the preparation and management of the EU Presidency.

All of this was realized in just three days.


Who were our participants? 

22 participants from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Profile of our participants

  • Future working party Chairs and deputy Chairs
  • Members of the Presidency teams, files, and coordinators
  • Brussels-based experts and national representatives/delegates.



Another successful edition of this seminar was given earlier this year on 20, 21 and 22 April. The previous edition was held in the Swedish Statistical Office (SCB) in Stockholm, Sweden. At the time 18 participants benefitted from the main takeaways of this course.


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