EPSA 2021 publications are now available


The eighth edition of the European Public Sector Award took place in exceptional circumstances, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the overarching theme ‘Building a Better Europe for Citizens’ EPSA 2021 applications, submitted by public administrations across Europe, allow for cross-sectional views on current challenges and how administrations responded with practical solutions.

In this context, EIPA’s newly published ESPA 2021 General Report covers all 126 submitted applications, showcasing best practices in tackling challenges in Green, Digital and Innovative public administrations.

The European Public Sector Award and Green Public Administration: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing the Green Deal reflects specifically on the challenges and opportunities for implementing the European Green Deal.

Digitalisation and Engagement: Transparency, Inclusion, Privacy and Security in the Public Sector looks into the issue of digitisation and human rights. Whereas digital technologies can increase citizens’ participation and accountability, the same technologies might jeopardise human rights, and thus the fundamental values of the EU.

What Can We Learn from the Best Government Innovations by European Countries? gives us a view on what is happening in the field of innovation and renewal in Europe. This paper focuses on mission-driven innovation, collaborative innovation, cooperation between government and market, the use of visualisations, the practice of incubators and responsiveness in times of crisis.

Lastly, No Innovation Without a Crisis? delves into practical ways to accomplish innovation in public administrations. The author looks at the innovation projects submitted for the European Public Sector Awards from a perspective of their impact when it comes to innovations, and what this means practically for structuring an innovation process in the public sector.

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