EIPA Welcomed the Ambassador of Colombia, H.E. Mr Fernando Antonio Grillo Rubiano


On Wednesday, 8 September 2021, we had the great honour and pleasure to welcome H.E. Mr Fernando Antonio Grillo Rubiano, Ambassador of Colombia, to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The visit of the Ambassador allowed for half a day of open exchanges on potential collaborative opportunities in Colombia and Latin America.

EIPA has been active throughout the 1980s and 1990s in Latin America through EU Programmes, including joint responsibility for the management of a training centre in Montevideo Uruguay, and can still draw on relevant know-how built up during these years.

Ambassador Grillo has extensive knowledge of public administration through the roles he has held throughout his career, such as matters related to the strengthening and modernisation of the Colombian State. The Ambassador is also active within the Latin American Centre for Development Administration (CLAD). Synchronously, EIPA has had long-standing cooperation with CLAD, presenting promising perspectives for potential collaborations and opportunities to explore.

We look forward to future joint endeavours with Colombia and, in general, Latin America.



From left to right: Marco Ongaro, Director-General, EIPA; Isane Aparicio, Business Director, EIPA; H.E. Mr Fernando Antonio Grillo Rubiano, Ambassador of Colombia; Dr Edward Best, Director, Scientific and Editorial Committee, EIPA; Laura Sánchez Tamayo, Second Secretary, Embassy of Colombia.

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